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This beautiful, petite actress has played leading lady to some of Hollywood's top black actors: Wesley Snipes, Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington and director Spike Lee. The Los Angeles native, trained as a dancer and actress, started her career after graduation from Beverly Hills High School. After a few years in music videos, TV commercials and local stage productions, Randle entered films in the late 1980s with small roles in "Maid to Order" and "Near Dark" (both 1987), "King of New York" and "The Guardian" (both 1990) and doing bits on TV's "A Different World" (1989) and "Seinfeld" (1991). She finally landed a small supporting role in Robert Townsend's popular "The Five Heartbeats" (1991) and was tabbed by Spike Lee for a supporting role in "Jungle Fever" (1991) and as Denzel Washington's sweetheart in "Malcolm X" (1992). Randle next played a savvy reporter in the comedy "CB4" (1993) and had her first co-starring role (opposite Wesley Snipes) in the dark drama "Sugar Hill". On the lighter side, she romanced Eddie Murphy in the action comedy "Beverly Hills Cop III" (both 1994). Randle had her first starring role as a phone-sex worker in Spike Lee's "Girl 6" (1996).

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