When Stacey Dash played the part of Bambi's mother in her elementary school play she knew she wanted to be an actress. Her talent won her roles as Monique on the short lived television series TV101 as well as guest appearances on highly rated programs such as St. Elsewhere, The Cosby Show, and Fresh Prince of Bel Air. In her motion picture debut, a 1988 comedy starring Richard Pryor, she was cast as the unwilling teenage daughter in Moving. In the 1992 film Mo Money, with Daymon Wayans, she was brought back to the silver screen once again. In 1994 she played a female recruit in a class of misfits taught by Danny DeVito and directed by Penny Marshall in Renaissance Man. Amy Heckerling knew Stacey was perfect when casting her for the part of Dionne in the 1995 feature Clueless with Alicia Silverstone. In an Oliver Stone movie Cold Around the Heart. Stacey plays a much more dramatic role as Beck, an appealing young woman who learns a lot awfully fast, in very dangerous company.

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