You may not know her name or care, but I'm sure, you know the face and the body (that's if you saw "How To Be A Player," starring MTV's Bill Bellamy). She never looks quite the same in her photos. She's different even from her appearances on "The Jamie Foxx Show" and "In The House." She once had a slight crush on LL Cool J, when she starred in the "Big Ol' Butt" video, gainsay to Denzel Washington which she worked with on the movie, "Virtuosity." Denzel fascinates most women. She thinks otherwise. Her personal crush will be to work with her best friend, an actress, Nicole Parker of "Boogie Nights" and of HBO's "Rebound" and "Subway Stories."

Mari has this sort of sleepy or lazy, left eye. She looks Puerto Rican like a Rosie Perez, but her voice is a strange mixture of their nationality and down south, when they say, "I'm fitting to do this here." And let me not forget, if you've seen her acting, her nostalgic, embedded smirk. Mari always looks like she's enjoying something humorous when she's not. I asked her a few times if she was laughing at me. She repeatedly says no, therewith, laughs again.

Mari may be doing exactly what she wants, but she is sure nonchalant about the development of her career. I never had to speak to her agent or publicist about making arrangements to meet her. She called me herself. She doesn't want to audition for parts, though she has to, or talk to people about future roles. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? The Hudlin Brothers (notable for "Dead Presidents") asked her to write two months worth of material about her "Hollywood" experience in a journal to inspire a movie, she has yet to create this material. Hello? A friend of hers in Ohio amusingly adds "she could be professional at times."

What exactly is Mari's "Hollywood" experience? Recently, Mari attended a club party where men would literally squeeze her shapely posterior. A girl there told her to accept it, it happens all the time. As the theme goes, if you don't like it, leave! "I hit someone, but I wasn't sure." Mari feels that is one of the reasons why she stays home more. "I guess I'm also getting old."

In addition, she receives loathsome roles such as the tacky, horror trilogy series, "Children of The Corn III: Urban Harvest." She couldn't breathe at times when she was placed in a tomb. And "Dead Man On Campus." She warned me prior to the national release her part wasn't worth seeing. Nonchalant! "The story was changed to some silly comedy," explains Mari. "It once was about an interracial couple [her and one of the male characters] and serious." Say, whatever happened to that movie?

Mari's acting past may have not been all roses, but she feels all that will change with "An Invited Guest," filming nearby, which also stars Mekhi Phifer and Mel Jackson. These guys were against each other in "Soul Food" and it looks like their characters are against each other again! Mari plays the wife, and artist, to Mel's character, a struggling writer. She hopes she will make her mother's wish come true. "She always wanted me to be a star, a model, a dancer, a pianist!" she laughs, taking piano lessons and stopping. "I didn't really like it. I was shy."

Consequently, Mari feels all things come in its [own] time. "I guess I didn't have it yet because I wasn't ready. Now, it's panning out the way it's suppose to be." She adds, "it's not like I'm starving." Honestly, we were sitting in the kitchen and the surroundings were pretty impressive.

But acting is her love niche, obtaining roles in "Baywatch," oppose to a sexy, swimsuit lifeguard, a recurring role on "Family Matters," "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" and her big break, soap opera lovers, "One Life To Live."

Looking on the Internet about Mari, there are some misinformations such as links listing her name along with people she never met or worked with. Also, a link description stating "Mari Morrow Nude," but the web site reveals nothing. Albeit, there was a nude photo of her on the Internet, it would have to come from a movie still of "How To Be A Player," which Mari describes as "sort of a nude scene."

She construes, "I was asked to do a nude scene in this movie ["An Invited Guest"], but I said no. When it's done tastefully, I'm cool with it. I won't do it too much because people will stereotype you. Well, let's just get Mari. She'll do it. Shit, if it's a big budget movie that might catapult my career, I might do it again."

In "An Invited Guest," Mari invites a stranger to live with them (Mekhi) and that's when all hell breaks loose. "I guess you could say it's all about me," she says. "I play a sweet, good person that unfortunate things happen to. This movie has a lot of twists, which many urban movies don't. It's like a white film, but with black people in it." Mari says it should be out next year.

Do you want to know a secret? Her real first name, Mary. She just changed the spelling for the look of the name, but it was others who began pronouncing it, Mari.

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