The Ananda Lewis Show

Provocative. Opinionated. Alluring. Relatable - these are all monikers associated with Ananda Lewis, an award-winning broadcast personality whose years with BET and MTV earned her recognition from her peers and the adoration of a core group of loyal fans who have watched her star rise.

Now, as host of King World's new, daily, one-hour, syndicated talk series, The Ananda Lewis Show, the 28-year-old San Diego native sees an opportunity in the making. "I've always thought that if we could all walk in each other's shoes for just one day, then we might have a little more empathy for each other. I think there are many things that people don't understand about one another, so my goal is to bring some issues to the table and give our guests a platform to reveal themselves. If we can deliver a show that is both entertaining and informative, then we can enlighten viewers and make a difference in daytime."

For Ananda, launching a talk show seemed like a natural progression. "I have worked all my career for an opportunity like this." And with more than 1000 hours of on-air experience, she is proof that hard work pays off. "I know what it takes to put a show on the air. The live television experience is really like no other, because you must think on your feet and you can't hold back. Viewers sense uncertainty. I've hosted panels on hot and controversial topics, spoken with people in the headlines and, oftentimes, produced and researched my own segments. My experience has given me a strong feel for what's missing in talk, and I am confident that we can break out of the box with this show."

Talented and versatile, Ananda is also committed to raising awareness about social issues -- topics that bridge not only generation gaps, but relationship gaps as well. Designed to appeal to women of all ages, The Ananda Lewis Show will capitalize on its host's universal appeal and offer informative and uplifting content, featuring her in engaging situations with guests both in and out of the studio, audience members, newsmakers and celebrities.

With her show premiering on September 10, Ananda is committed to providing her audience with a quality alternative in daytime. "Viewers are ready for television that honors their intelligence and allows them to have fun while they learn something. I'm looking for our series to be as diverse as I am, and touch on subjects to which women of all ages and backgrounds can relate."

In the past three years, Ananda Lewis has emerged as one of MTV's highest-profile personalities, as her on-air responsibilities went far beyond covering music. Showcasing her interviewing talents, she hosted Hot Zone, where she went one-on-one with celebrity guests and also covered entertainment, style and other trends. Recently, she tackled issues of race and prejudice as host of the award-winning special True Life: I am Driving While Black, for which she earned an NAACP Image Award. She also served as host and interviewer for Total Request Live, and has front-lined such MTV live events as Woodstock '99, New Year's Eve on Times Square Live and many other specials like Destiny's Child Live and MTV Cribs.

Before joining MTV, Ananda was host of BET network's top-rated Teen Summit, a weekly forum exploring hard-hitting subjects, such as date rape, political participation and teen parenting. Her interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton was recognized with the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Youth Series, and her episode profiling homeless teens was nominated for a Cable ACE Award.

Ananda Lewis' growing popularity has generated interest from national consumer media including Vogue, Self, TV Guide, In Style, Cosmopolitan, Allure, W and US, and she was named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" of 2000. She also has been a frequent guest on the celebrity talk circuit, with appearances on Politically Incorrect, The View, The Chris Rock Show, The Late Show with Craig Kilborn and Hollywood Squares.

Ananda, whose on-air insight into multi-generational issues is backed by years of social activism, has been recognized as one of a new generation of leaders. She was invited to the White House to launch the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign with Tipper Gore, served as a panelist for the MSNBC/Newsweek special series on issues facing black woman professionals and was featured on MSNBC's forum on race relations live from the 16th Street Baptist Church. She is also a spokesperson for RIF (Reading is Fundamental), and has been actively involved in programs for at-risk youths and the Humane Society.

Ananda, who is a registered member of the Muscogee Tribe of Creek Indians, hopes that her accomplishments will be a source of pride and inspiration to Native Americans everywhere. In Sanskrit, Ananda means "Bliss."

The Ananda Lewis Show will be produced in New York City. When not on the road, Ananda spends time raising her two pet Chihuahuas, Mozart and Einstein, and working on her 4x4 truck. Raised in San Diego, California, Lewis attended Howard University in Washington D.C., where she graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. degree in History.